FOBA MarkUS is both a convenient graphic design interface and a high-performance piece of software for the control of the laser marking system that produces the markings. The intuitive application is the control center for all the marking-related applications (2D) that are found in most of FOBA’s systems. Marking contents are created quickly and efficiently. Premium-quality laser markings are applied precisely. As an option, the software can be equipped with the camera systems IMP and Point & Shoot. Additionally, MarkUS contains the axis control and supports grayscales for the creation of impressive grayscale markings. MarkUS is compatible with many of FOBA’s laser marking systems and laser marking machines, and is available in several languages.


Interfaces MarkUS Designer, MarkUS Runtime, MarkUS Administrator
Axis control* Support for up to 5 axes (X, Y, Z, rotary axis and swivel axis)
Radial segmentation* Marking (texts, logos) on the circumference of cylindrical objects (rings, jewelry; arced, concave, convex). Allows the laser to maintain focus to the surface while marking and minimizing distortion caused by the surface curvature.
Grayscale support* Layout, design, editing of grayscale marking contents, e.g. graphics, images
File support Import functions for the most common file formats: BMP1), JPEG1), TIFF1), HPGL, FOBA’s proprietary MCL, AI (up to 10 except 9, CS1,CS2,CS3 [without text objects], com- pressed/ binary/ PDF not supported), DXF (up to AutoCAD2015)
Languages English, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech
Support lasers IR, UV, CO²
Point & Shoot WYSIWYG camera system for visual direct mark alignment on a screen image of the part (hardware is included, one USB port is required). Image tiling is included
Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) WYSIWYG vision system for the precise position detection of parts/ to-be-processed Positioning (IMP) areas and automatic alignment of marking, engraving or finishing (hardware is in – cluded, two USB ports are required). Pre and post mark verification is included. Post mark verification will pass fail on mark position, orientation and scale.
Barcode reading Datamatrix [ECC200], QR-Code, BC128 A/B/C, BC39
Remote access TCP/IP, Profibus or serial communication