Logopak Software

Logopak Software Solutions:

  • Synchro
  • iQuest
  • Vigilance
  • IValidate
  • SAP integration

For more than 15 years Logopak has been leading the way in the development of PC-based industrial software solutions.



Synchro is a proven industrial software solution by Logopak for use on all Logopak print & apply labelling systems. Powerful and completely flexible, Synchro is scalable to suit multiple Logopak labelling systems, either in batch or real-time mode. Capable of connecting to ERP/WMS system and providing a locally stored product information database, meaning that real-time data flow is not dependent on a constant network connection to the users host.

Alternatively Synchro can administer & maintain a manually entered local database operating in ‘stand alone’ mode with no requirement for a real-time host connection for working data.

In either configuration, data recall can be achieved via the following methods:

  • Manual (handheld) or fixed line barcode reader
  • Manual recall via labeller touch-screen, or PC screen
  • ID strings from a ‘lookup’ pallet scanner


IValidate checks product, case and pallet labels back against original works documentation, eliminating risk of human error and goods with incorrect or illegible labelling entering the supply chain.


More than ever before, barcode quality is of the highest priority in most production environments. Vigilance provides the end user with a barcode validation suite to monitor the barcodes integrity and provide a detailed, date-stamped report of good / bad reads. The information can be displayed graphically in an easy-to-read format, & can be outputed to a remote printer, as well as being complied and made available to Iquest.


IQuest is a software tool allowing the user to query production data and generate production reports. Allowing instant searches from the compiled production data, for example, by SSCC or SKU number in order to identify production statistics and allow case-level traceability of product.

Searches can be done by –

  • Article number
  • Line number
  • Time
  • Day/ date
  • by any other valid search string

In essence, Vigilance & IQuest are essential tools for the production environment preventing barcode quality issues from escalating into customer fines and returned product, and allowing traceability of all product during the production process and onwards.