UV laser marker V.0020-uv

UV laser marker for high-contrast markings on highly sensitive products

The FOBA V.0020-uv ultraviolet marking laser applies high-contrast markings on sensitive products. As the vector scanning laser colors the product’s surface photo-chemically, the heat that results from laser marking is so little that even highly sensitive products and materials remain undamaged: from aircraft cables and translucent or colored tubes for various industries through medical plastics for invasive applications or flame-resistant plastics for electronic housings to glass.

With a typical pulse duration of 20 ns and a beam diameter of 10 µm, V.0020-uv only colors the surface (instead of foaming the material) so that the product itself remains undamaged. This is how permanent laser marks that are capable of sterilization can be applied on medical technology products such as catheters or insulin pumps, and this is also how filigree and brilliant laser marks can be applied on glass without breaking it. With V.0020-uv now also silicones or white polyamides can be laser marked. It is this capability of marking highly sensitive and previously unmarkable materials damage-free that makes FOBA’s UV laser marker a pioneering one.

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Marking features
Marking heads SS10 and SS7 with four focus lenses (f =103 mm/ 160 mm/ 214 mm/ 511 mm)
Marking fields* From 64 x 76 mm2 (SS10, f = 103 mm) to 375 x 375 mm2(SS10/ SS7, f = 511 mm)
Marking speed* Up to 5,000 mm/s, up to 500 characters/s
Line width From 10 µm (depends on focusing optic)
Type Pulsed Nd:YVO4 laser (Vanadat), diode-pumped, wavelength – 355 nm
Laser class 4 (as per DIN EN 60825-1)
User interfaces
PC software FOBA MarkUS or FOBA Draw (on separate, external, optional Windows 7 PC)
Interface Ethernet
Electrical requirements L/N/PE 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Power consumption Typically 400 W
IP rating IP20 marking unit, IP21 supply unit
Cooling     Air-cooled
Temperature 15 – 40 °C | 59 – 104 °F
Humidity 90 % (max. 20 °C | 68 °F), 30 % (max. 40 °C | 104 °F), non-condensing
Weight Marking unit approx. 25 kg**, supply unit approx. 20 kg
Other options
Vision alignment system Intelligent Mark Positioning (IMP) for the precise position detection of parts/to-be- processed areas and automatic alignment of marking/engraving/finishing

Laser pointer

Interface Profibus, PROFIBUS, EtherCAT* (with MarkUS 2.12)