cw Fiber Laser Marker LF050

Fiber laser marker for mini and micro markings

LF050 is the marking laser for the electronics industry. The continuous wave fiber laser marker was developed for the marking of molded housings of discrete and integrated components as well as printed circuit boards. The marking process is precise, producing a high-quality mark in the shortest possible period of time.

LF050 applies various marking contents on moving or stationary components: Use-by dates and manufacturing data, batch and line numbers, 2D codes and barcodes, graphics and logos or customized data.

With LF050 line widths well below 30 µm can be achieved, enabling character heights of 150 µm and less.

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Marking features
Marking field* 142 x 193,5 mm² (f=163 mm), depends on the focusing optic used
Speed* Up to 800 characters/s, up to 10m/s
Marking formats
  • Standard font
  • Individual fonts such as high-speed or OCR fonts
  • Machine-readable codes: ID matrix, barcodes
  • Graphics and graphic components, logos, symbols etc.
  • Linear, circular, angular marking for text; rotation, reflection, expansion, compression of marking data
  • Sequences and series numbering
  • Automatic date, shift and time coding, real-time clock
  • Online coding of individual data (weight, content etc.)
Type Ytterbium (Yb) fiber laser, power class 5/10 W cw, wavelength 1,070 nm
Laser class 4 (as per DIN EN 60825-1:2014)
Focusing Precision optics: Focal lengths f = 100/163/254 mm
Laser beam deflection Digital high-speed galvanometer scanners
Various options: PC, hand-held control device or software interface
Hand-held device
  • Graphic remote control via Ethernet for flexible control
  • Implementation of marking jobs, marking data entry
  • System configuration
  • Status and alarm displays
  • Extremely legible graphics display; quick, intuitive operation
  • Can be configured in 16 languages, including German, English, Chinese
Smart Graph (optional) Graphics-oriented user interface that runs on Windows® 2000/XP for intuitive and quick creation of complete marking jobs on PCs

  • System configuration
  • Text/data/graphics/parameter editor
  • Can be configured in 17 languages, including German, English, Chinese
  • Easy access to standard CAD and graphics programs, thanks to import functions for the most important file formats
  • Various password-protected security levels
Smart Graph Com ActiveX software interface for integration into operation system
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP, 100 Mbit LAN), RS232, optional: other digital inputs/outputs (8 bit wide)
  • Inputs for encoder and trigger
  • 5 inputs/7 outputs for start/stop, machine/operator interlocks, alarm outputs, etc., extensible with additional inputs/outputs
  • Client-specific solutions
  • Direct integration into complex production lines with the help of the scripting interface of the laser
  • Integration through Ethernet and RS232 interface
  • Simple integration through flexible supply line (5 m > including fiber laser and supply lines)
  • High-precision vernier adjustment for height with guard rail which is formed by means of a dovetail
Electrical requirements 100 – 240 V (Autorange), 150 VA, 1 PH, 50/ 60 Hz
Cooling Air-cooled
Temperature 5 – 40° C (40 – 105° F)
Humidity 10 – 90 %, non-condensing
Weight Supply unit 11 kg, Marking unit 7.5 kg
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